Amazon affiliate marketing for beginners in 2020 (Part-2)

There are many benefits of starting and scaling affiliate websites. Just as I mentioned, the competition in India is very low. So, if you watched our lessons and follow them to the heart, then I can guarantee that within few months, you will be making money.

You don’t even have to work on your website when your article ranks on Google search results. It’s free traffic, month on month. Unlike other platforms that come and go, Google is not going anywhere. So, you don’t have to worry that Google will go out of fashion in a few months.

People will keep on searching on Google. There are many others ways aside from affiliate links that you simply can make money from your affiliate website. You get sponsorship opportunities, branches will start emailing you… you’ll also be making money from sponsored links, sponsored reviews.

Like I am charging Rupees, Rs10,000 – Rs20,000 for one sponsored review. And also, in the end, let’s say you decide you don’t like the Amazon affiliate website, and you want to sell it. Then the website sells for 30x its monthly revenue.

So, let’s say you’re making Rs10,000 from your website on a monthly basis you can sell it for Rs300,000. Now I know that many of you will ask me in the comment section the other ways of doing affiliate marketing. Like opening a YouTube channel or doing it through Instagram.

So, let’s take each option one-by-one and share its pros and cons. So, let’s start with opening a YouTube channel. Yes, you can open a YouTube channel in any niche. Like many other YouTubers are doing, and they are also making good affiliate revenue.

You can create a fashion-related channel and promote fashion-related products. You can also create a technology-based YouTube channel and promote just like Technical Guruji is doing, but the main point to stress is that YouTube is getting competitive.

Already for all the popular categories, be it fashion, be it gardening, be it technology, already YouTubers are dominating that niche. It was easier a couple of years back when the competition was low, and also because of the Reliance Jio wave.

Now already majority of the profitable niche includes a channel dominating. Now, I’m not saying that you won’t be able to do it. Yes, you can open a YouTube channel and you will be able to scale it. But it is extremely difficult. It will be difficult to scale, you’ll have to be patient.

You also have to show your face and you’ll also have to invest in expensive equipment. I will be creating a YouTube marketing course very soon on this channel so make sure you subscribe to get notified about that. But then again YouTube is more competitive compared to the Amazon alternative that I’m telling you.

Now, let’s talk about promoting affiliate links through Instagram. One thing that I should mention is that every social media platform comes and goes. So, Instagram might not be able to survive in a couple of years. Also getting followers in 2020 is extremely difficult compared to a couple of years back.

Every social media platform is going with the pay-to-play mode. Like the case of Facebook, earlier the organic reach was very high. So, let’s say you've got 10,000-page likes, if you post a brand new post, you’ll be ready to reach that 10,000 people.

But now Facebook wants you to pay money in order to reach the people who even like your page. Now the competition on Instagram is also growing because the people know that there’s money to be made. And also, Instagram wants you to pay money to get those followers. So, the organic growth is down.

And the worst part about Instagram is that there is only one place where you can add the affiliate link that is the bio. So, the amount of links of the affiliate links are going to be far less and hence the oral commission that you simply make during a month are going to be much lower. And this is why I don’t recommend Instagram as the only source of promoting your affiliate links.

The same goes for a Facebook page or a group. The organic reach is dead, so you won’t be able to promote your affiliate links in a profitable manner. So, I don’t recommend either going into Instagram or YouTube or a Facebook page or a group, rather the smart strategy is to go into an occasional competition area and dominate it before it gets too competitive.

Also, once your affiliate sites start getting traffic, you can move to these verticals either YouTube channel or Instagram account. Trust me I’ve been doing this for almost 7 years, I have tried and tested everything.